Truly UNIQUE, here is why;
–   True to our own Mission, no franchise here.
–   When life changes, we are reliable.
–   You won’t be sold, you will be serviced.
–   Our purpose and procedure is your best interest.
–   Agents are paid based on quality, not quantity.
–   We explain coverage options & you determine your best value.


Protection for your transportation, home and work


Any car, any driver, SR-22


Homeowners, Tenant occupied,
and Mobile Home


General Liability, Workers Compensation, Commercial Vehicles and bonds.


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You are welcome to visit one of our offices and meet us in person, we are happy to see you from 9am – 6pm during the week and most offices, from 10am-4pm on Saturday.  Personal attention face to face may work best for some of our clients, or give us call we are ready! Our team will be happy to assist you in getting a new quote or compare any existing policy you may have, we will also answer questions or make changes to your existing coverage.

Call 909-770-8222 for a quote!


Jerry Randolph

“What a great experience with Sylvia B Oropeza, she was very knowledgeable and got us the best price we could have asked for and I would like to give a special thank you to the store manager Stephani Castillo, for closing the deal! Great customer service ladies, we will see you again real soon.”

Chrome Cat

“My boyfriend and I came in to get insurance today and the staff (Alex and Allen) went above and beyond to get us the best deal. The down payment was the biggest problem for us, but they were able to work with us so that way we could walk out of there with insurance. Customer service is a big thing to us, so coming here and being treated so nicely, and having everything explained so clearly and without confusion; was very very nice. The atmosphere is very professional and inviting. We are so happy that we came to Hammer! Thank you Allen and Alex!

Shacal Calvin

“Very helpful positive people very friendly and they worked me to help me get the best price way better than most companies I’ve been through A+ for Hammer Insurance”

Number 22

“Chelsea was super helpful..she goes above and beyond what I expected..you go Hammer Insurance..friendly people good prices..”

Erik Tortellini

“Chelsea was great! Really detailed and got me out in no time!”

Johnny Caballero

“Bryanna was awesome in helping me get insurance for my son. Everything was done over the phone and when I did go to the office to complete the paperwork I was out in under 5 minutes”

Mel Acero III

“Amazing service, girls are really helpful!”

Daniel Del Real

“Very helpful people, Alejandro helped me out to insure my truck, I am 18 with previous tickets, he was still able to beat other agencies prices and get me insured. 5 stars”

Peter Martinez

“I’ve been coming here for a few years and I’ve been satisfied with the services… their team including Giovanni and Joel go above and beyond to provide outstanding customer service.”

Damariz Lopez

“They had great customer service and help you get the lowest insurance possible. Elizabeth Herrera is very helpful and easy going person.”

Yvette Henriquez-Lopez

“Joel is my got to representative. I am a long time customer and it’s due to the great customer service I’ve consistently received. He makes everything simple, stress free and convenient. Thank you for the years of excellent service!”

Anthony Bonifacio

“I don’t really write reviews but they deserved one and I highly recommend this place for there customer service and place…. Thanks to Alejandro Giron for having the best customer service & helping insurance my 1969 vw beetle…and now time for me to explore the world.”

Mark L

Ive been insured by hammer for over a year and they have the best customer service and team members. Within a year in was able to lower my payment by 25$, if you want to save by paying less this is the place to go. Ask for Marissa, Stephani and Elisa!
Mark L

Gajendra Khadka

I went to have insurance for my car and Mr Giron who is very helpful and friendly person and other staffs too and i got my car insured with best deals and everyone should go over there....
Gajendra Khadka

Teresa M

Hello Everyone...Just wanted to say Marissa made me feel comfortable...I first got insurance at Indianhill in Pomona were marissa worked..She made it possible for my husband to be covered and drive..He was to happy..Anyways, I followed her to Ontario...She also helped my son..Im telling you she can help anyone..GO SEE MARISSA...love her great service...Thank you Marissa..
Teresa M

Monica F

ASK FOR MARISSA!!! when getting your QUOTE or for Customer Service needs. She is so friendly and professional. I just finalized my auto insurance with her and she was honest and reliable. I already referred my family member to her and I get $20 if she decides to commit also. Thank you MARISSA!!!
Monica F

Olive O

We have been trying to look for an economical down payment and a monthly rate. Sylvia Oropeza helped us so much! She made it clear from the moment she knew we needed insurance to fit our budget. Thank you so much Sylvia we really appreciate it! Now we can drive with no worries.
Olive O

Adam D

Thank you Carlos and Stephani..for hooking my son up with car insurance which was super fast and everything done over the phone...nice service...
Adam D

Christian B

Just completed my insurance policy without having to stop anywhere . Honeywash is always on the go working with clients so we never have much extra time . Stephanie made everything possible for me over the phone . Thanks Stephanie !
Christian B

Anthony Bonifacio

I dont really write reviews but they deserved one and I highly recommed this place for there customer service and place.... Thanks to Alejandro Giron for having the best customer sevice & helping insurance my 1969 vw beetle...and now time for me to explore the world
Anthony Bonifacio

Daniel Del Real

Very helpful people, alejandro helped me out to insure my truck, i am 18 with previous tickets, he was still able to beat other agencys prices and get me insured. 5 stars
Daniel Del Real

Juan Diego Ruiz Alcocer

Great service!! If you need a car, home, motorcycle, business insurance etc, this would be the perfect place for you!!
Juan Diego Ruiz Alcocer

Erik Tortellini

Many thanks to Merlin for its great customer service, got much better price for 6 months what I was paying. I am very happy with their service. Hammer Insurance recommended!
Erik Tortellini